Distribution (in normal circumstances)

Each Friday our big white van is loaded up at the depot with boxes containing all the goods we might need for parcels.  These are then transported to Kidlington Baptist Church. This is a time when local people call in to deliver their donated food, so we also have volunteers sorting and recording all new stock.

The boxes are unloaded onto tables so there is easy access to everything we need.

Then a volunteer can make up a suitable parcel when any visitor arrives with a voucher.  This might be for a single person or a family, perhaps with young children, so what goes into a parcel varies accordingly. While the parcel is being assembled we offer the visitor and any family members the chance of a sit-down and cup of tea/coffee etc.

We also make up the boxes we know will be needed at one of the other distribution centres, so these are ready for delivery to them.

At the end of the session, everything is packed up and returned to the depot. There, more work is done to put everything away in its proper place, sorted by date and ready for next time.