About Us

Who are we?

The project is an initiative of churches working together in Kidlington, Woodstock, Charlbury and Chipping Norton.  For more about the participating organisations, see here.  We first opened our doors in April 2010 and since then have been able to help many families and individuals in times of hardship.

What do we do?

We offer short-term emergency help to residents of the above village, towns and surrounding communities by providing parcels of non-perishable food to people in crisis who are unable to purchase food for themselves.

Food donated by local schools, churches, groups and individuals  is collected, counted, date checked and stored in our depot. Supplies of food are then brought to our distribution centre in Kidlington each Friday.

People in crisis are given a voucher by a statutory or voluntary agency registered with us. They then bring the voucher to one of our distribution centres, where they will be given a parcel of food appropriate for their needs. We are also able to offer a selection of “help-yourself” items, including fresh food, household cleaning materials, toiletries etc.